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In a world that it seems everyone is on the go, trying to eat healthy or follow a strict diet plan is NOT easy! The ISOBAG™ was created with everyone in mind. The ISOBAG™, The Ultimate Lunch Cooler, was designed to fit everyone’s needs and for it to be everyone’s first choice when choosing a cooler. It seems that these days everyone is on the go and everything is becoming more and more expensive. The ISOBAG™ is the perfect tool to help you pack and prepare your food for the entire day. The ISOBAG™ by Isolator Fitness has been in development for an extensive period of time. In order to develop the perfect meal management cooler, Isolator Fitness took into account a lot of different opinions, comments and concerns about what people were seeing, or not seeing, in their current meal management system.

The ISOBAG™ is available in two different sizes. The 3 Meal System holds 3-4 reusable, plastic, food storage containers. The 6 Meal ISOBAG™ is large enough to hold 6-8 reusable plastic food storage containers. Both of the bags come with double the amount of food containers so there is less of a need to hurry home to wash the only set and get them ready for the next day.

In addition to the food containers being stored in the main section of the ISOBAG™, there are also ice packs that fit into the bag. These ice packs are made of a Non-Toxic gel material, and freeze completely solid. This allows the Ice Packs to stay colder longer! The ice packs are included in the ISOBAG™ and have their own designated slots within the bag that are sealed to keep them in place throughout the day. The 3 Meal ISOBAG™ has two side pouches on the inside of the bag for the ice packs. The 6 Meal ISOBAG™ contains the same two pouches, but also has a removable middle sleeve and ice pack. This is an amazing feature because by removing the middle sleeve and ice pack, it is possible to fit in a larger container or even a small casserole dish (not included). This feature turns the 6 Meal ISOBAG™ into the ultimate take-a-long to any picnic, party, or beach trip!

Underneath the top handle of the ISOBAG™ is a top storage compartment. It is the perfect place to keep silverware, napkins, vitamins or medicines. It is also large enough that it can hold and protect fruits or vegetables perfectly so that they do not get bruised like they would when traditionally thrown into a lunch box or cooler. On each side of the ISOBAG™, there is a zippered, insulated beverage compartment. It is the perfect place to keep chilled beverages throughout the day. In addition, since they are both right next to the main compartment with the icepacks, the beverage should stay cold for ten hours or more! These zippered beverage compartments also work great for keeping addition food such as fruits, vegetables and snack bars protected and intact.? Next to the zippered beverage compartments on each side, there are also mesh pockets. This part of the ISOBAG™ is great for a number of things. They were designed to perfectly hold a water bottle or a protein/ shaker bottle. These pockets are also great for holding small day-to-day things like keys, cell phone or even a small wallet. All of the bags have a handle that is directly attached to the ISOBAG™ as well as color coordinating padded shoulder strap. Both the 3 Meal and 6 Meal ISOBAG™ are available in an assortment of colors and styles. All of the bags are made of the finest materials available and are constructed here in the USA!

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